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Re: [TS-219P] power led keeps blinking

For all owners of a QNAP NAS.

Frans Pop wrote:
>> Now (after the last dist-upgrade) the power button keeps blinking
>> red/green even after the boot process is completed and it doesn't make
>> the long "beep" as the login is prompted.
> See: http://bugs.debian.org/524505
> IIUC a new version of udev which should allow me to fix this will be
> uploaded to unstable in the next few weeks.
> The bug report contains a workaround that can be used in the mean time.

I uploaded a new version of qcontrol to unstable yesterday (version 
0.4.2-2) which works with the also recently uploaded new version of udev.

If you have used the workaround suggested in the bug report, you can 
remove the custom udev rule after upgrading.


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