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Re: arm port plans for the squeeze cycle


2009/8/19 Riku Voipio <riku.voipio@iki.fi>:
> I'd like to throw the ball back to our ARM port users - what are missing
> from Debian ARM port?

I am missing an optimized eglibc for small systems (for example, -Os),
i have commented such thing to debian-eglibc people (aurel) and he
asked for porters providing benchmarks for both speed and size to see
if there is a real benefit.

=== IRC snippet ===
15:51 < aurel32> http://paste.debian.net/44609/
15:51 < aurel32> comments are welcome
16:06 < zumbi> aurel32: optimize eglibc builds for small systems (-Os)?
16:09 < aurel32> zumbi: yes, that can be added and is actually easy to do
16:09 < aurel32> but I think that should come for porters providing benchmarks
16:10 < aurel32> both in speed and size
=== /IRC snippet ===

 Héctor Orón

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