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Re: Debian 5.0 (lenny) tar ball for the SheevaPlug - USB install

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Rick Thomas wrote:
> My first shivaplug arrived this morning.  While I was waiting for it to
> arrive, I already purchased a USB hub, a 16GB USB stick (for main system
> residency), and a mess of 1GB sticks (for misc temporary stuff during
> installation), so I plan to spend the weekend getting Debian installed.

Be careful --- this is pretty much the same setup I have (except I
bought four 16GB USB sticks [30MB/s read, 15MB/s write via RAID-0, heh
heh heh] and so far I've noticed that the SheevaPlug is very, very picky
about USB hubs.

I've tried three hubs, an expensive branded D-Link 7-port and two cheapo
Scan 4-port own brand ones of different models. Only one of the Scan
hubs works reliably. The others produce I/O errors, spontaneous
disconnects, and general badness.

While I still haven't finished gathering data, they *do* seem to work
fine on a desktop PC, which kinda points the finger at the SheevaPlug.

> Next: (when they release a version that supports both of the on-chip
> ethernet ports) I plan to replace my home
> router/firewall/IPv6-tunnel-endpoint with a Debian shivaplug.

How are you with a soldering iron? The kernel supports both ports already!

I'm planning to use a USB ethernet widget on mine.

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