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Re: Please test debian-installer rc1 images

Sivakumar.R.J wrote:
We are trying to create initrd and zImage for our customized IMX31 armel board ( in which we have tested debian chroot successfully). We need to boot the debian from the redboot. Is it possible to boot the debian with you provided initrd and kernel image.

This initial ROM contents (as of Friday, Nov. 7) boots the debian-installer
(in low-memory mode) on my NSLU2:
and then enables me to install a Debian Linux system which boots vmlinuz
(with initrd) from /boot of the USB2.0 disk.  Obviously I can take the
USB2.0 disk to any other machine, mount it, change the contents of the
filesystem however I like, then take the USB2.0 disk back to the NSLU2.

If not please provide me the
information to create our own initrd and kernel zImage to boot the debian filesystem from redboot.We are using freescale LTIB provided cross compiler tool ,zImage and rootfs.jffs2 and we are going to use the same drivers .kindly direct me in correct path.

I have no experience with that particular hardware or software,
and I'm slightly baffled why you are asking me.


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