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Re: Pile o' Questions

Am Montag, 3. November 2008 07:55 schrieb Martin Michlmayr:

> Out of interest, which netbook is this?
> --
> Martin Michlmayr
> http://www.cyrius.com/

It's Carapelli Industries Entry to the  "around 100US$" Netbook-market, a 
NPX-9000. Carapelli is aiming at the mass-markets, and thus we will probably 
never see any kind of official support for that device. But the fact alone 
that the company dared to use the ARM platform and then went with a (Debian) 
Linux instead going for the "safe haven" of 'Winblows CE' is something I 
Actually I'm interested to see how UAE performs on the NPX, too. 
Per default the NPX comes with matchbox as the windowmanager, running an 
XP'ised theme. The software-selection includes Abiword, Gnumeric, Pidgin, 
Sylpheed, smplayer, gqview and a few more programs. Basically one of the 
better selections for programs on a system with low specs.
The sample-unit I got is still delivered with what seems to be a XScale 
PXA272, for it has only 64MB of RAM, but that's the same was with the Neo1973 
versus the Neo Freerunner. The board just needs to be equipped with the 
stronger CPU and that's that. 

I ordered the Netbook for my work actually - it's one of the few devices 
without any fan and with very good daylight-readable display as well as a 
Coke-proof touchpad - Well, I coke-proofed it with Zapon-Varnish, but now it 
works even with moisture upon it.

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