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Pile o' Questions


I need some help: I've got a small Netbook, and managed to cdebootstrap  a 
full Debian Sid System onto an SD-Card, which by now contains a full blown 
What I'd love to know is: 
1) Is it possible to start a Linux-installation from a running Linux system in 
the same way as Loadlin starts a Linux System from within a running AmigaOS 
or Windows?
2) In case that is possible, then my next question comes up: The Netbook is 
running on a Marvell XScale PXA272 Processor - Which Kernel should I install 
on the new System?
3) And, when it is possible to make the System run thus from the SD-Card, I 
wanted to know if it is possible to make it possible that the system is 
starting the SD-card based system when the card is present at boot time, and 
else use the original system when the card is not inside the device.

As a Bootloader the Device seems to use a Redboot-Bootloader, but so far I am 
unable to make sure that's the case - besides, I do not know how to make any 
changes to a RedBoot based System.

The device I am working with is a little jewel of a netbook, coming not only 
cheap but, yes, I have already disassembled it and put it back together, with 
a very sturdy mechanical and electrical design.

Any help appreciated, and when you need particular informations, do tell me 
which you need and, maybe, how to retrieve them.
Rüdiger Leibrandt

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