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Re: Problems compiling 2.6.26 kernel package on NSLU2 (Slug)

On Thu, 30 Oct 2008, Matthew Palmer wrote:

On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 08:25:41PM -0400, JLB wrote:
On Thu, 30 Oct 2008, Matthew Palmer wrote:
On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 06:42:28PM -0400, JLB wrote:
Then, following http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Debian/BuildImage as a
guide, and after dpkg-source -x'ing the .dsc, I did the following:

# fakeroot make -f debian/rules.gen setup_arm_none_ixp4xx >>
../kernel-build.log 2>&1
# cd debian/build/build-arm_none_ixp4xx
# make ARCH=arm menuconfig
# (here, I configured kernel options)
# fakeroot make -f debian/rules.gen binary-arch_arm_none_ixp4xx >>
../kernel-build.log 2>&1

The kernel merrily built its way along for around 24-36 hours, then
puked. The tail -30 of kernel-build.log is as follows:

There's nothing particularly useful in that snippet of log; you might want
to put the whole log up somewhere for people to view and then throw the URL
in here.

The whole log may not be much more illuminating, but I've put it online


The whole shebang is around 900KB.

Turns out the log is very illuminating.  Just before the big symbol list,
there's a line:

ABI has changed!  Refusing to continue.

Since it's waffling on about symbols, I'm wondering if you've managed to
change the kernel ABI so it needs bumping.  Take a look at the "ABI changes"
section of http://wiki.debian.org/DebianKernelCustomCompilation to see if it
applies to you.

I have no idea what this section is talking about, so I guess that's a

Au contraire, that section mentions the error "ABI has changed!" which is
exactly what you've got.  So it does apply to you, and you need to follow
the instructions in that section of the wiki page.

As noted, I obtained an original Linux kernel source tarball from the
Debian repository, along with the .dsc, etc. Aside from the changes made
by the dsc/diff itself, I did not make any changes at all to the kernel
source tree. :(

A patch isn't the only way to change the ABI.  Many kernel options can have
an effect on the publically available data structures.  Given the number of
symbols that were added/changed/removed, you did a *lot* of changes to the
kernel config.  So, you can either handle the ABI change, or else revert to
the original config and only adjust the bare minimum that's required to make
your device work, and hope that those changes don't touch any data

Gyaaaaah. So you're saying that *the modules I chose to build* broke the compile?

If ticking a box to compile a module will cause the kernel compile to puke, why is the option even made available? (Shouldn't there be some kind of warning, like 'choosing to compile this module may break your kernel compile'? ;) )

More seriously, is there any way of telling which symbols changed the ABI? Are there any likely contenders in that list? This is all greek to me; the only thing that comes to mind when I hear 'binary interface' is 'ELF, or in the olden days a.out', and I certainly didn't disable ELF or tell it to compile in a.out......

- Matt

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