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Re: hard drive connected to the slug

Chris Burghart schrieb am Freitag, 26. September 2008 23:17:
> Michael Glockenstein wrote:
> > Hello,
> > some weeks ago I reported an error where my drive makes strange sounds like
> > spinning up in 6 or 7 sequences, then noise, then spinning up again and the
> > slug did respond anymore for login. Because nobody replied, I thought it was
> > a one time accident, but three days before it happended again :-(
> > So now I think about a solution the slug running all the time instead of shut it down
> > in the evening and wake up in the morning. I have connected a 3.5" hd to port 1
> > with an external power supply in the moment. But this is power consuming too much.
> > Is it possible to have a 2.5" notebook hd without external power supply connected
> > to the slug and the usb port spends enough energy for that drive?
> > Regards Michael
> I've been running a 2.5" drive powered only from the slug's USB
> continuously for some time.  While very old 2.5" drives may draw
> too much current to be run from the slug, I think anything younger
> than a few years old should be fine.  *However*, slug power
> supplies are notorious for failing over time, losing current capacity.
> I would suggest finding a better 5V power supply for your slug
> and see if that solves the problem.

The external power supply is the the same that I have used with this 3.5" drive
together at the pc, there was never a problem before. But is it possible that
at the end of the booting sequence of the slug some more current is needed
or something other fails? If I think about it, even all the days, where the
spinning sound does not occur, I do hear at least a rough positioning noise
of the hard drive at the end of the boot sequence. Is this normal for the slug?
Regards Michael

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