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Re: Daily installer image available for QNAP TS-109, TS-209 and TS-409


On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 09:26:12PM +0300, Riku Voipio wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 07:54:08PM +0200, Pietro Abate wrote:
> > My strategy is then to ssh on the basic system, unlock the luks
> > partition and invoking pivot_root + init on the "real" system. I didn't
> > finish this part yet... I still have some problem with calling init 2
> > and I'm not sure how to debug it...
> > Martin told me that there are patchs avalaible to do the same but using
> > dropbear in the initrd disk ... but it's not ready yet.
> http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/rescue-initramfs.git;a=summary
> If you intend to test that out, you'll probably want to get serial
> console working first so you can debug stuff if it doesn't boot :)

Thanks for the pointer. Unfortunately I don't have a serial console (do
you have any idea where I can get one around paris ? ). However I'll be
courious to adapt your work in my setting. In particular it seems I'm
just not able to lunch do pivot_root and init .

this is my first attempt:

cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/md1 pvcrypt
/etc/init.d/lvm2 start
mount /dev/qnap/system target
cd target
/sbin/pivot_root . initrd
exec init 2

an you give me a basic recipie ?

Something not related: does the beeper work ? I tried to use "beep"
but the box doesn't beep at all...


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