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Re: n2100, failed raid 1 disk: cannot shutdown

On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 05:35:58PM +0200, Michele Bini wrote:
> Uhm, you are obviously right: let's say that when I partitioned the 
> disks I didn't have swap space resiliency at the front of my thoughts.

What's the point of raid1 if the machine crashes and looses current data
if a disk fails?  That's what most likely will happen when you loose
part of swap.

> The swap partition on the dead disk actually had some swap in use (48 
> blocks, per /proc/swaps) but swapoff seems to be capable to stop using 
> it or at least it doesn't complain and the dead partition disappears 
> from /proc/swaps.
> But still no reboot. Do you think it is really messed up (I don't 
> understand how the process(es) those 48 pages belonged to can survive 
> without them) and there is no hope of a clean shutdown?

There is no way you can shutdown with swap in use that can't be

Len Sorensen

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