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Re: Speed of aptitude on NSLU2

On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 08:57:59AM +0100, Barry Tennison wrote:
> That's interesting.  aptitude on my slug is annoyingly rather slow, but
> the slow parts for me are:
> * building the dependency tree
> * reading & writing extended state info
> * building tag database (wish I could get rid of that - an option?)

Me too.

> * building view

If you do a non-ncurses activity (aptitude update, aptitude install foo)
you have to pay that price _after_ the operation completes, but before
the program exits. This makes sense if you were returning to the UI
afterwards but with these use-cases youdon't. I expect this would be an
easy win for anyone who wanted to poke at the aptitude source :)

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