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running linux 2.6.24-5 on etch/NSLU2

Is it possible to use a lenny/unstable kernel on NSLU2 with etch? armel
is still changing a bit too fast for my taste and I have etch's 2.6.18
running without problems, but all my attempts to upgrade to a newer
debian kernel have failed.

I don't have serial console, but I do have both the builtin ixp4xx
ethernet and a usb/ethernet adapter working (using the asix module). I
even have my initramfs hacked so that I can ssh into the initramfs
during boot over either interface if root isn't mounted for whatever

All that is fine under 2.6.18, but nothing seems to work with 2.6.24.
Both the asix and ixp4xx_eth modules are in the initramfs, but neither
interface comes up, nor does root ever get mounted. The LED stays
orange.  I have to reflash 2.6.18 with upslug2 to get back in.

I'm using 2.6.24-5, so the kernel should have udev autoloading the ixp
ethernet and it has the asix/usbnet modules.

Is anyone successfully using 2.6.24 with etch?


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