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Re: Two etch on nslu2 related questions

Sorry for the delay.

* Rainer Dorsch <rdorsch@web.de> [2008-03-01 15:17]:
> - my backup stick is only 1 GB whereas my regular one is 2 GB.
>   I created the same partitions on the backup stick and copied all
>   files (using cp -ra). The nslu2 rejects to boot from the backup
>   stick, I see no entries in the syslog.
>   Any idea why this does not work?

I'd use tar instead of cp but I'm not sure that's the problem.  But
what about /sys and /proc?  Did you copy those.  I'd exclude those and
just create empty directories.

> - I was running on my spare nslu2 some time ago Debian etch as well
>   (prerelease probably). Judging from the syslog it boots but it is
>   looking for kernel modules 2.6.18-3 for the ixp4xx ethernet driver
>   which are not on my flash stick anymore.
>   I am tempted to add an init script (at the end of the init process)
>   which does a "dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-2.6.18-6-ixp4xx"

You mean to write it to flash?  You could just run flash-kernel
2.6.18-6-ixp4xx.  But if 2.6.18-6-ixp4xx is installed on your machine,
I could also give you a firmware image that you could write with
Martin Michlmayr

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