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Re: Kernel Image for additional arm platform

Martin Michlmayr a écrit :
> * Eugene San <eugenesan@gmail.com> [2007-11-24 12:01]:
>> I am using Debian/(Armel/arm) for a long time on set of devices with
>> Marvell ARM CPU.
>> Lately support for those devices stabilized in 2.6.22-24.
> Orion support won't be in 2.6.24 but it should end up in 2.6.25 at
> which point I'll add Orion support to the Debian kernel.
>> I am wondering what should be the procedure of adding additional
>> platform to official kernel images, like iop32x and versatile?
> There aren't any written procedures.  The big blocker for adding many
> new ARM flavours (platforms) to the Debian kernel is simply that the
> kernel package takes a really long time to compile on ARM.  However,
> given the number of devices based on the Orion platform, it's no

OTOH, a lot of arm build daemons have been replaced by faster ones, so
it may be possible to add new platforms, and add linux-2.6 to
@no_auto_build on the slower ones.

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