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Re: Kernel Image for additional arm platform

On Sat, Nov 24, 2007 at 06:53:45PM +0200, Eugene San wrote:

> >>Well, if we are talking about 2.6.25 mainline, Buffulo/Kuro, Dlink
> >>323 and Marvel NAS RD are going to be supported by Kernel out of
> >>the box and the probably will be default for that platform.
> >>But there are some other devices available on market (Maxtor MSSII
> >>for Ex.) but they won't be officially supported by vanilla kernel.
> >
> >Why not?
> >
> >>Therefor I was thinking about additional kernel images and patches
> >>against kernel-source available in debian repositories.
> >
> >If you have patches for those platforms already, why not send them
> >to linux-arm-kernel@ ?
> The patches I have, are not based on code already accepted to mainline. 
> I will have to port them before they could be used as diff to already
> submitted code.  In addition some features patches rely on, not in
> patches already submitted to Mainline. 

Right.  But, I'd rather see proper patches going into mainline _first_,
than shoving non-mainline-acceptable patches directly into the Debian
kernel package, bypassing the mainline review process.  

> But, maybe basic support for some of devices could be added to
> mainline, I'll check that.

It shouldn't be too hard.  Shout if you need help.

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