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Re: Kernel Image for additional arm platform

* Eugene San <eugenesan@gmail.com> [2007-11-24 12:01]:
> I am using Debian/(Armel/arm) for a long time on set of devices with
> Marvell ARM CPU.
> Lately support for those devices stabilized in 2.6.22-24.

Orion support won't be in 2.6.24 but it should end up in 2.6.25 at
which point I'll add Orion support to the Debian kernel.

> I am wondering what should be the procedure of adding additional
> platform to official kernel images, like iop32x and versatile?

There aren't any written procedures.  The big blocker for adding many
new ARM flavours (platforms) to the Debian kernel is simply that the
kernel package takes a really long time to compile on ARM.  However,
given the number of devices based on the Orion platform, it's no
question that we should add an Orion flavour to our kernel packages.
I'll do that for 2.6.25.

> Also i am looking for detailed information about how those packages
> are built for other platforms?

Essentially, you put a config file in config/arm/config.<flavour> and
make some additions to config/arm/defines.

As long as Orion support is in the mainline kernel, adding an Orion
flavour to the kernel packages won't be a big task.  However, it would
also be nice to support many Orion devices in debian-installer and
that will require some work.  Which device are you interested in
Martin Michlmayr

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