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Re: NSLU2 Debian Etch 4.0 manual install orange led

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GoatZilla <goatzilla@gmail.com> wrote:

>> Could you go into more details about this hardware clock resetting? Can
>> it be performed right during first install in a soft(ware) manner?
>> thx
>> OH
> Well, when I looked at it, my hardware clock appeared to be stuck -- I
> had to take the battery out for a few minutes, then went back in and
> set the clock with the Unslung firmware.  After that everything was
> relatively happy.

There is a section in
http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Debian/TroubleShooting which mentions
this problem:

"Long Startup Time (hwclock):  An excessively long start up time (20
min) may be an indication that the hwclock cant be set. Try to set the
hwclock in your command prompt with

$ sudo hwclock  --systohc

If this doesn't work you could try to change the NSLU2 battery."

I had this same problem once.  My fix was to remove the battery,
short-circuit across the battery holder contacts for a few seconds to
discharge any capacitors and then just replace the original battery. 

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