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Re: GHC armel build

2007/11/17, Rene Wagner <rw@nelianur.org>:
> Is that ghc itself?
Part of the final full build. ghc wants 130 MB and the gcc it launches
when building via C, another 150MB.

> The machine the build is running on is PXA 270 based and has 256MB of
> RAM and no swap. Also, the box appears to be running out of disk
> space...
You must configure some swap on it or it will die.
If the only storage you have is via nfs, then you can get round NFS's
swappy lameness using:
dd if=/dev/zero of=$(nfs-filesystem)/swapfs.img bs=1M count=128
mkfs -t ext2 $(nfs-filesystem)/swapfs.img
mkdir swapfs
mount $(nfs-filesystem)/swapfs.img swapfs -o loop
dd if=/dev/zero of=swapfs/swapfile bs=1M     # dies when the volume fills
mkswap swapfs/swapfile
swapon !$

It's a warty hack but will make the build complete

> That said, I wonder whether the current duplication of efforts is any good.
Yeah. like running to the finishing line. I hate it.

> you've got a second
> stage compiler built already?

I built alex, happy and haddock using a stage1 compiler cos I thought
that way we'd get there sooner, but the full debian build of ghc died
after three days :-/ saying something about profiling libraries not
found. So build the stage 2 (ie full libraries) and install before
trying the full debian build. That's what's grinding chez moi at the

Go for it. You have faster hardware than me, and maybe your build will
finish before mine.
What matters is having this stuff working, not who gets there first...



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