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Re: GHC armel build

On 2007-11-17 00:25 +0000, Rene Wagner wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> >  and unless you have
> > 256MB+128 swap or lots of RAM the Debian build will die after churning
> > for three days (at 266MHz). Fortunately the armel buildds have 512MB.
> The machine the build is running on is PXA 270 based and has 256MB of
> RAM and no swap. Also, the box appears to be running out of disk
> space...

It has 384Mb but the last 128 is not enabled in this kernel (yes, it's
on my list!).
/opt/unstable-chroot has some 60GB. The /home bit is only 1GB of flash. 

And yes, you were right about the swap. It had 2Gb configured, but not
enabled. Now in use.

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