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kernel2.6.22 or later

Hi all
To get a cheap USB NIC running on a NBSLU2 I need the dm9601 module.
I've been told that that 2.6.22 is used on the unstable release, but so
far havn't found the arm version.. 
I know the module is in as its on the new Mandriva release.
After lots of googling I did find dm9601.c :-

-- /*
 * Davicom DM9601 USB 1.1 10/100Mbps ethernet devices
 * Peter Korsgaard <jacmet@sunsite.dk>
To be honest I'm not sure how to build this on a NSLU2 and which
packages I need to download on to the slug to build it, and when built
where to load it.
I'm used to using Mandriva and the directory structure is a little
different to Debian, so I'm stuck at newbie stage.

If I can get this loaded as a module the slug can take its place as
a nice firewall, DXCluster and FTP server. Which can be left on 24/7.


Best Wishes

Richard Bown

Registered Linux User 365161
OS Mandriva 2008.0 Kernel
HAM Callsign G8JVM : Locator IO82SP
QRV all bands 80mtrs to 3 cms ,( non WARC )

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