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Re: 4Gb SD on pxa255 with kernel >2.6.21

Hi Larry,
Thank you for your answer.
The problem started on 2.6.21 kernel.
I also tested 2.6.22.x kernel. The same problem.
Kernel 2.6.23-rcX doesn't boot at all.
Where can I find version of the driver?
Why you talk about MTD driver?
I think that problem in ARM MMC driver.

Larry W Howell wrote:
Sergey Smirnov wrote:
I use Debian armel on Sharp Zaurus 750.
If rootfs is on 4Gb SD PDA hang some times.
It can occur after half hour or after week.
Programs that loaded in memory continue work
But new application didn't start without any error.

If I put rootfs on 512Mb SD works correct.

Do anybody have the same problem?

Hi Sergey,

You didn't say the version of the linux-mtd driver (the flash memory driver) you are using using, but you are probably seeing a know problem with earlier versions of that driver. The smallest area of a flash memory device that can be programmed (or erased) is called a "page". The earlier versions of the driver can only handle flash devices with 512 byte pages (your 512 Mb SD card). Recent versions of the driver can also handle flash with 2Kb pages (your 4Gb SD card) Most flash devices 1 Gb or larger have 2 Kb pages.



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