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Re: Debian on Thecus N2100

On Fri, Sep 28, 2007 at 10:42:43AM +0100, Ross Burton wrote:
> I've never done software RAID before, so I'm being cautious.  Is it
> fairly simple with the Debian installer to setup a 4G /, 1G swap, and
> the rest as /home, all on RAID-1?  Would I need a separate /boot, or is
> the initramfs in the flash sufficient?

kernel and initramfs in flash is sufficent, no need for a separate /boot
partition. The setup you want is slightly complex, but it should still
be fairly simple to setup in d-i. Not simple in sense of "just hit next"
but rather "if know partitioning well enough to want such a setup,
you will manage to setup partitions relatively easily in d-i partitioner".

If you have any ideas howto make partioner easier, debian-boot is
probably a better venue as partitioning not really a arm-specific

"rm -rf" only sounds scary if you don't have backups

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