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Re: Debian on Thecus N2100

* Ross Burton <ross@burtonini.com> [2007-09-28 10:42]:
> I see that 4.0r1 is broken, is it best to install r0 or are there
> installer images with the fixed kernel on?  I could try installing Sid,
> but I'd prefer something known to work. :)

The problem is that r0 is no longer on the mirrors so you cannot
install that.  Anyway, there's a fairly easy workaround: install using
the 4.0r1 images, and when base install fails, do base install again -
this time it will ask you which kernel version to install.

> I've never done software RAID before, so I'm being cautious.  Is it
> fairly simple with the Debian installer to setup a 4G /, 1G swap, and
> the rest as /home, all on RAID-1?  Would I need a separate /boot, or is
> the initramfs in the flash sufficient?

RAID setup in d-i is fairly easy, even if maybe not very obvious (you
first need to mark some partitions for RAID, then go to a RAID config
tool, then configure the md partitions).  You won't need a special /boot.

Martin Michlmayr

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