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Off-topic sorry


I know this is off-topic for this list really but as a lot of people that read this list is into converting different NAS devices to Debian i thought just give you a tip on a device i just recently bought and are using.

I have 2 SLUG's but i was running into the problems that the memory was totally exhausted and hence started to look to alternatives. I didn't really find any attractive price performance on other devices out there so i sort of stumbled into this one by chance. http://www.zonbu.com

It's a 512mb mini PC with a 1.2 via c7 for the price of $249 and you can install whatever OS you like (if you by the version without any monthly plan)

I have Debian installed on it with 2 USB HD's and i must say it runs very well i have samba throughput up to 10MB/sek and i run almost everything i had on the SLUG's consolidated to this one.

Only hitch i run into was problem with a BIOS setting that initially caused a lot of problem when i tried to boot from the USB HD rather then the included flash drive.


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