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Re: Stalled Boot on NSLU2

Martin Michlmayr schrieb:
> * Stefan Sommer <stefan.sommer@rettung.at> [2007-09-24 09:43]:
>> I had similiar problems after upgrading to a new kernel version
>> (aptitude upgrade).
>> I didnt even notice it till a power loss ocurred and the slug rebooted
>> (the slug was running rock-stable for months). Symptoms were quite the same.
> Did you ever figure out what the problem was?  A kernel upgrade should
> not break your system.
Hard to tell, the slug just stopped right before the stage where it
boots from disk (upper 2 leds bright, lower 2 off). Since i dont have a
serial console i can only guess: perhaps a problem with the boot device
id being changed when upgrading the kernel? Module version mismatch
doesnt seem  to be the case, it doesnt even get that far (the disk
should be accessed then shouldnt it). In any case a reflash of the "old"
.18 image made my slug boot fine like before.


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