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Re: Almost bricked my N2100

* Frank A. Kingswood <frank@kingswood-consulting.co.uk> [2007-06-14 21:44]:
> Through no fault of my own (obviously!), my Thecus N2100 no longer
> has a working initrd in flash. On bootup I get:

Do you know what you did to get it into this state?

> I have two questions for you, my learned audience:
> 1. Is there a ready-made initrd in one of the debian packages that is
> more-or-less usable with the standard (and up-to-date) Debian distribution?

There's no such package, but I can put an initrd online if you want.
I assume you were running stable?

> 2. What do I need to do in terms of dpkg and apt commands to force the
> initrd and kernel to be reflashed?

You can flash it with:
You can re-generate an initrd with
  update-initramfs -u

Martin Michlmayr

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