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Re: Almost bricked my N2100

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
* Frank A. Kingswood <frank@kingswood-consulting.co.uk> [2007-06-14 21:44]:
Through no fault of my own (obviously!), my Thecus N2100 no longer
has a working initrd in flash. On bootup I get:
Do you know what you did to get it into this state?
I was having trouble with getting the kernel to accept input from the serial port (where it asks for the root password for maintenance). One of the things I tried was to use different serial port parameters to see if the serial port was misconfigured by the kernel. I typed ahead and redboot must have interpreted my line noise as a flash writing command. It was giving a .......progress indicator which I at first thought was Linux booting, but must have been something else. The initrd area is zero at the moment, suggesting it did a copy from RAM to flash.

I suppose Redboot could ask for confirmation ("type YES to continue"), then this would not have happened.
You can flash it with:
You can re-generate an initrd with
  update-initramfs -u
Thanks for those commands, I think I'll print that out and put it up on my office wall... or the Wiki, perhaps. Steve Gane suggested reading the initrd from the filesystem and loading that over tftp, that seems promising too.

Is this sequence of commands reasonable? I don't think it can do any damage.

load -r initrd -b 0x00800000
fis load -kernel
exec -c "console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/ram0
initrd=0xa0800000,42M mem=128M@0xa0000000"


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