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Re: Re: RAID1 root on nslu2

Hi Stephen

Sorry for the delay in replying to you.

On 5/11/07, Stephen Fry <Stephen.Fry@coda.com> wrote:

I have tried doing this and am wondering if there is a step missing.
After updating fstab don't you need to do the following?

I guess I'm not quite sure what it is you tried to do. If you mean you
tried to follow the instructions at
http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Debian/LVM when installing Debian,
then yes, they may not complete. I have not had a chance to put the
finishing touches on them, despite the wiki page being embarrassingly

$ sudo update-initramfs -u


$ sudo flash-kernel

Yes, you would have to do this when transitioning from a root disk on
non RAID device to a RAID device. The instructions on the wiki were
written for installing Debian, but they should probably be extended to
the case of transitioning root devices, because the instructions are
pretty similar.

I tried following your instructions and the machine booted OK and it
shows my RAID devide mounted as /, but it says my old root device is
still in use. Is this because apex has loaded the image from the old
root partition?

I'm not following. You say that your RAID device is mounted as root
(which sounds like what you want). In what way is your old root device
still in use? You can't have two devices mounted as root.

Excuse me if I'm just showing my ignorance here please...

Not a problem at all. I'm just not quite sure what you are asking :-)


Gordon Farquharson

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