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Re: RAID1 root on nslu2


Thanks for your response.

On 13th May 2007 Gordon Farquharson <gordonfarquharson@gmail.com> wrote 

>Yes, you would have to do this when transitioning from a root disk on
>non RAID device to a RAID device. The instructions on the wiki were
>written for installing Debian, but they should probably be extended to
>the case of transitioning root devices, because the instructions are
>pretty similar.

Yes you're correct I was attempting to transition to a RAID 1 root device.

>I'm not following. You say that your RAID device is mounted as root
>(which sounds like what you want). In what way is your old root device
>still in use? You can't have two devices mounted as root.

What I was referring to here was that when I ran mount with no parameters
it showed that /dev/md5 was mounted as /. However some quick tests showed
that actually the root filesystem was /dev/sda1. I don't know how
to explain this but this is what it did...

I then realised that the configuration for the root device must be in flash
somewhere, so I thought I'd try flash-kernel to update the kernel and 
initramfs. (BTW how does it know what to mount as the root file system? I
assumed that doing update-initramfs read the /etc/fstab and stored it

Anyway the result was that the device then failed to boot and so I reflashed
a virgin etch flash image :-


That's where I'm currently at...

I haven't checked yet but would the flash-kernel overwrite the change 
to the root delay in the apex environment?


Stephen Fry

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