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Re: sources.list for NSLU2. fetchmail problem

* Dirk Schleicher <dirk.schleicher@gmx.de> [2007-03-28 15:35]:
> The URL you wrote is this with ethernet support or not? Will this
> work with the eth on board?

Yes, this has  support for on-board Ethernet.

> Then I understand it wrong. My thinking was that only the alpha
> release support the onboard eth.

The official installer from Debian doesn't support on-board Ethernet
because it requires a non-free microcode.  The URL I mentioned is a
copy of the official installer from Debian with te microcode included,
so Ethernet will work.  This will install the official Debian, which
is the "arm" architecture.

The alpha release is a port of Debian to armel - Linux on ARM using
the EABI.

> Doing the reinstall I require upslug2 or the tool you wrote at your HP?

I thought I mentioned upslug2 on my web site?  Anyway, upslug2 is what
I use.

Martin Michlmayr

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