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sources.list for NSLU2. fetchmail problem

Hello there,

I install from http://www.slug-firmware.net/ the Alpha Release and
everything working fine.

Then I try a change in my source.list and wondering that it not work.
Now it seams to me that this is a armel (what ever this means) and it
not supported from the other Debian server.

By the way the packages are not the same. This is a unstable arm and on
my i386 it is although unstable and fetchmail at NSLU2 is older then

And my other question is something known that fetchmail doing probs?

Mar 27 16:46:13 nslu2 fetchmail[2473]: Unknown login or authentication
error on dirk.schleicher@xyz.de@xyz.de 
Mar 27 16:46:13 nslu2 fetchmail[2473]: socket error while fetching from

At the i386 machine fetchmail with the same fetchmailrc work.



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