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Re: EABI/OABI incompatibility

On Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 12:29:31PM -0700, K. Richard Pixley wrote:
> The third, the new one, is strange.  Using a gcc-3 and a glibc-2.3.5, 
> I've run into a situation where something is apparently composing a 
> trampoline on the stack which includes an "swi 0".  This is an OABI 
> toolchain and environment which is using the "swi 0", (the EABI trap 
> mechanism).  When using an EABI+OABI kernel, the swi 0 trap means that 
> the actual trap number is in R7, but in this case, the contents of r7 
> are essentially random garbage.  This leads the kernel to SIGILL the 
> process, which appears as spurious SIGILL's to a programmer.

Ofcourse you forgot to tell what version of the kernel you are using.
If you are using a stinking old kernel, you are probably seeing this:


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