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Re: armel cross development on i386

On 2007-03-13 17:19 +0300, Sergey Smirnov wrote:
> I know about dpkg-cross. I play with it and my current cross compiler from http://debian.speedblue.org/
> I cross-install arm libc6 package but compile doesn't understand library format.

Indeed. I found that too. I spent a couple of hours last night trying
to work out exactly what the problem is, but haven't yet. I have a
mail in preparation for the thread on this subject on this list.

I think next I'll try a full debian cross-build, which builds glibc
too, as described here:

but I can't see why the normal process using lennert's bootstrap armel
distro glibc shouldn't work. However right now it definately doesn't.

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