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Re: NSLU2 & Debian SID

On Mon, 2007-03-05 at 15:23 -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Jeremy Brown wrote:
> > I've had my nslu2 for years am putting Debian sid unstable from 
> > http://www.unslung.org/ at the bottom of the web page. Here another 
> > website that tells about this release: 
> > http://wiki.debian.org/ArmEabiPort ..
> > I just finished the (base install) from the installer firmware, and as 
> > of now am almost done with the (select and install software) script. Is 
> > this a broken installer release - such as RC1,i wonder? Or is is a fixed 
> > release, it was released on this date (debian-sid-armel-20070227)..
> It's a working installer, but it is --
> * not official Debian
> * not stable
> * not appropriate for production use
> For example, there is no guarantee that there will be an upgrade path
> from the current armel system to the one that eventually (hopefully)
> lands in Debian.
> This is why the website refers to it as an "Experimental Unstable
> Unsupported Alpha Release".

If you just want to install Debian on your slug, go to

Much 'safer', much more enjoyable if you're new to this.

Good luck,


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