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Re: Softfloat on ARM?

Laz wrote:
> Someone mentioned on this list back in January that they would build an 
> armel kernel package: did this ever happen? Can't see one in 
> http://armel-debs.applieddata.net/debian but I do see lots and lots and 
> lots of packages! :-)

I've only just finished getting the kernel to build today. debs should
show up in the above archive eventually, but for now I've uploaded my first
build to

(All the other kernel packages for other arm systems etc are in the same
directory. I've not tested any of these kernels yet.)

> If there was a kernel image which worked with both the old ABI and the 
> EABI binaries, wouldn't it just be a case of installing the EABI kernel, 
> and then blatting the rootfs from:
> http://armel.applieddata.net/developers/linux/eabi/armel-root-fs.tar.bz2
> over the current root (mine is on a USB disk so can be done relatively 
> painlessly), swap the disk back to the NSLU2, and cross fingers whilst it 
> boots?

If you try this with the image above, note that you'll need to use dpkg
--force-architecture to install the deb, since it's an armel
architecture package and dpkg won't install it on an arm system

see shy jo

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