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Re: Merging armel port into debian

On Thu, Jan 25, 2007 at 02:09:57AM +0000, Wookey wrote:

> I am wondering what is the most useful way to take lennert's armel
> stuff forward towards official arm port status.
> Lennert - do you have opinions on what needs doing next, or things you'd
> prefer to hand off?

Someone suggested to start a wiki page to keep track of TODO items.
I made a start here, with a couple of things (off the top of my head)
that need doing:


> Getting the existing build machines into the experimental buildd network?
> Setting up other buildds?
> You already have machines building there - are they set up as debian
> buildds which could be connected to the experimental new or have you
> just been doing it 'manual/custom'?
> Is ADS happy with the bandwidth for hosting the pile? Can other
> buildds upload there? As I think I said we have loads of space on
> ftp.uk.debian.org that we can put the repo in if that would help.
> (although someone might object to 'unofficial' stuff apearing in what
> looks like an offical place). 

For the current (i.e. unofficial, non-DD) armel repository, there is
more than enough build power available.  I could of course allow other
buildds to upload to the current package repository as well, but that
would end up mixing DD-built packages with non-DD-built packages, and
wouldn't really have a lot of benefits, in my opinion.

I.e., I think that it would be better if new build hardware that others
are willing make available are used as experimental buildds, admin'd by
DDs, and that I have nothing to do with them.  The experimental buildds
should have the current (unofficial, non-DD) armel repository URL in
/etc/apt/sources.list so that they can easily rebuild all current
packages, but packages from the current (unofficial, non-DD) armel
repository can not go into the experimental repository directly.

> It seems to me that getting builds accessible as widely as possible,
> so it is easy for people to see what broke and poke then entrails, is
> the next step.
> Thus, I asked Aba about how one goes about adding a new arch to the
> experimental build net and he said:
> -----------
> If you remind me often enough, I could bring up debian-extra to live
> (which is intended to host multiple new "architectures" etc). Shouldn't
> be too much work, but someone needs to remind me I fear.
> Other then that, the process is to nag Martin (zobel), Marc (HE) or me
> enough to add an architecture to wanna-build.

*nag* :)


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