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Merging armel port into debian

I am wondering what is the most useful way to take lennert's armel
stuff forward towards official arm port status.

Lennert - do you have opinions on what needs doing next, or things you'd
prefer to hand off?
pushing patches upstream?
Getting the existing build machines into the experimental buildd network?

Setting up other buildds?

You already have machines building there - are they set up as debian
buildds which could be connected to the experimental new or have you
just been doing it 'manual/custom'?

Is ADS happy with the bandwidth for hosting the pile? Can other
buildds upload there? As I think I said we have loads of space on
ftp.uk.debian.org that we can put the repo in if that would help.
(although someone might object to 'unofficial' stuff apearing in what
looks like an offical place). 

It seems to me that getting builds accessible as widely as possible,
so it is easy for people to see what broke and poke then entrails, is
the next step.

Thus, I asked Aba about how one goes about adding a new arch to the
experimental build net and he said:

If you remind me often enough, I could bring up debian-extra to live
(which is intended to host multiple new "architectures" etc). Shouldn't
be too much work, but someone needs to remind me I fear.

Other then that, the process is to nag Martin (zobel), Marc (HE) or me
enough to add an architecture to wanna-build.


so I can do that but need some clue about whether I need to set up a
buildd first, or if Lennert already has sufficient kit configured the
right way?

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