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Re: arm eabi port, patches

Martin Guy wrote:
> Nokia did this:
> http://cluster.aleph1.co.uk/~martin/packages/dpkg.txt
> It's a bit gross having to add "case *-gnueabi)" here and there but
> that is the correct four-part GNU/autotools configuration name. It may
> be that making it -linux-gnu the same as the old one could have
> repercussions elsewhere, I dunno. I just did things the same way as
> you so if it does I wouldn't have noticed either.

Not using the official name is kinda worrying, if you ask me.

Maybe we should try rebuilding the whole archive with linux-gnueabi and
see how many packages break. (I'm assuming that would take only a couple
weeks for most of it, based on current rates.) However, some of the
examples Lennart showed me of things that break with linux-gnueabi can
cause more subtle breakage than a FTBFS, like misplaced paths.

> Apart from configuration, -gnueabi also impacts on the stem of
> cross-compiler names, in case anyone cares to be able to distinguish
> old-ABI from EABI crosscompilers and libraries.

Well, that's a valid point. Guillem's dpkg patch does add a
DEB_HOST_ARCH_ABI=gnueabi, which could be used for cross-packages, but
would be a special case for armel.

Of course in the long run I hope we don't need cross-build
environments, old-abi arm should be obsolete..

see shy jo

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