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Re: arm eabi port, patches

2007/1/10, Lennert Buytenhek <buytenh@wantstofly.org>:
I started working on a from-scratch EABI port, sponsored by Applied
Data Systems (http://www.applieddata.net/)  Six and a half weeks later,
there's about 6000 debs built, and so far it all seems to work pretty

Great news! We are up to all of the packages necessary to satisfy
debootstrap to make a system close enough to be able build the real
debs, except for
apt and dpkg, perl (dumps core), gcc (Internal Compiler Error) and
glibc (EABI maybe not implemented in etch's glibc, 2.3.6) so it sounds
like you're much nearer.
 Oh, and we're building on one or two QEMU systems and some board
from ARM that throws segvs at random (a self-defeating false economy
known in Sicily as "Don't eat so you won't have to sh*t")

The first candidate is dpkg.  Guillem Jover's patch available here:


changes DEB_HOST_GNU_{SYSTEM,TYPE} to have -gnueabi at the end.W

Nokia did this:

It's a bit gross having to add "case *-gnueabi)" here and there but
that is the correct four-part GNU/autotools configuration name. It may
be that making it -linux-gnu the same as the old one could have
repercussions elsewhere, I dunno. I just did things the same way as
you so if it does I wouldn't have noticed either.
Apart from configuration, -gnueabi also impacts on the stem of
cross-compiler names, in case anyone cares to be able to distinguish
old-ABI from EABI crosscompilers and libraries.

Good luck!


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