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Re: arm eabi port, patches

'real' debs, built natively from an EABI ARM root filesystem with a
packaged gcc and a packaged libc6 and with all build-deps satisfied.)

Brill! If I had a hat I'd eat it :)

No, vanilla unpatched glibc 2.3.6 doesn't do EABI.  That's pretty
Yep, that was the story last April. We were hoping 2.4 would make it
into etch or 2.3.7 would happen.

The SMP board that Wookey had?
That's the one!

 I don't really see why you'd use a board like that for building?
Didn't have anything else except QEMU on a 2GHz AMD which is faster
than it anyway for a single job. It helped shift some of the initial
straightforward bulk but I eventually gave up on it cos it was so
flaky, having to rerun jobs just cos of a segv, which is another day
gone. Terrible. Like trying to drink a lake through a straw. :-/



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