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Re: arm eabi port, patches

On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 06:20:09PM +0000, Martin Guy wrote:

> >I started working on a from-scratch EABI port, sponsored by Applied
> >Data Systems (http://www.applieddata.net/)  Six and a half weeks later,
> >there's about 6000 debs built, and so far it all seems to work pretty
> >well.
> Great news! We are up to all of the packages necessary to satisfy
> debootstrap to make a system close enough to be able build the real
> debs,

(Note that all those 6000+ (6571 in the meanwhile) debs in our repo are
'real' debs, built natively from an EABI ARM root filesystem with a
packaged gcc and a packaged libc6 and with all build-deps satisfied.)

> except for apt and dpkg, perl (dumps core), gcc (Internal Compiler
> Error)

Those are pretty critical packages.  :-)

> and glibc (EABI maybe not implemented in etch's glibc, 2.3.6)

No, vanilla unpatched glibc 2.3.6 doesn't do EABI.  That's pretty

>  Oh, and we're building on one or two QEMU systems and some board
> from ARM that throws segvs at random

The SMP board that Wookey had?  I don't really see why you'd use a
board like that for building?  Two or three n2100s are cheaper and a
lot faster than some SMP quad 80MHz board.  Also consider that ARM
SMP is still experimental and that glibc doesn't yet have proper SMP
support (memory barriers) last time I heard.

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