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Re: Endianess problem with capture file from NSLU2

On Thu, Dec 14, 2006 at 08:49:23AM +0100, Thomas Boehne wrote:
> Yes and No :-)
> I just examined the problem a little further and found out that only the
> _outgoing_ packets have the wrong byte order, the incoming ones are fine.
> Since the first packet in my hexdump example was incoming, that part was
> correct in both files - sorry for the confusion.
> I uploaded a small sample packet for an incoming TCP connection, which
> shows exactly that the outgoing packets are byte-reversed:
> http://www.tobox.de/nslu2.cap
> The NSLU2 has MAC 00:14:bf:66:71:43 and IP

Hmm, you are right, it really does appear that every 32bit chunk is
reversed in the outgoing packets.  How odd.  If my arm system was
currently working I would try to debug it.  Does ethereal work or is it
also broken (it which case I would guess it is libpcap that is the
problem source).

Len Sorensen

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