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Re: Sid Debian Arm NSLU2 - Can I get the kernel and module files for a build?

>From the uname, it looks like you're using the SlugOS/LE (previously known as DebianSlug) kernel and modules, debootstrapped to a your Debian sid rootfs.
So you can get kernel modules from the SlugOS package feeds.  If those feeds do not contain the modules you need, then you need to follow the Development/MasterMakefile instructions on the NSLU2-Linux wiki to rebuild your kernel and modules from the SlugOS source release.
If you had used the debian-installer image, then you would be using the Debian kernel and this would be the right place to ask about modules (you would use normal Debian kernel building tools in that situation).  As it stands, you're not using a Debian kernel, you're using a SlugOS/LE kernel, so should use nslu2-linux lists for further questions about that kernel.
-- Rod Whitby
-- NSLU2-Linux Project Lead

-----Original Message-----
From: tom <tom@realtime1.com>
Date: Monday, Aug 28, 2006 12:19 am
Subject: Sid Debian Arm NSLU2 - Can I get the kernel and module files for a build?


	I would like to add some modules to my NSLU2.  I installed sid arm. Can I get the dev tools and the kernel and module sources to add some modules? If not which version should I use sarge or etch to do this.  I'm trying to add 
the following module changes using the defconfig:

# Dallas's 1-wire bus  

My "uname -a" command result is:
Linux WSNSLU2 2.6.16 #1 PREEMPT Thu Jun 8 23:38:13 PDT 2006 armv5tel GNU/Linux


				Tom Bond
System Info: Linux realtime1 #1 Mon Jul 17 17:22:44 UTC 
2006 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux
Uptime: 10:42am  up 1 day 12:43,  13 users,  load average: 0.63, 0.44, 0.29

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