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Re: Sid Debian Arm NSLU2 - Can I get the kernel and module files for a build?

* tom <tom@realtime1.com> [2006-08-27 10:49]:
> I would like to add some modules to my NSLU2.  I installed sid arm.

Are you using an Ethernet USB gadget or the build-in Ethernet?

> My "uname -a" command result is:
> Linux WSNSLU2 2.6.16 #1 PREEMPT Thu Jun 8 23:38:13 PDT 2006 armv5tel GNU/Linux

Seems like you're running DebianSlug rather than Debian (yes,
confusing, I know).  DebianSlug is the manual installation (using
debootstrap) where you use a kernel from nslu2-linux.org whereas
Debian is the official method using debian-installer.  It seems like
you're using DebianSlug so you need to talk to the nslu2-linux.org

> # Dallas's 1-wire bus  
> #                
> CONFIG_W1=m           

I'll enable this in Debian's kernel, thanks.
Martin Michlmayr

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