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Re: How to enable usbfs on NSLU2 running Debian 2.6.15-1-nslu2

Hi all!

@Danny: As far as I know it's the Kernel compile option CONFIG_USB_DEVICEFS that
is missing. Essentialy that keeps you from using the USB from userland, for
instance as a CUPS printer server -- or even plain "lsusb". (Please correct me
if I'm wrong) This seems to be a rather bad idea on a device that was entirely
designed as a link between ethernet and USB.

@tbm: Thanks very much for the work so far and the excellent instructions at
http://www.cyrius.com/debian/nslu2/ . Could you please enable that option in
future NSLU2 kernels, as well as CONFIG_IPV6, which is completely missing. More
generally speaking: Why are there so many kernel options disabled in the nslu2
kernel, which are enabled in other versions? Can't we just keep the kernel
configuration as close as possible to the other versions?

Until this is done: How can I build my own NSLU2 kernel and firmware? I would
prefer the approach of a native compile to avoid any cross toolchain attempts.
Is there a firmware for the NSLU2 kernel from sid?

By the way: Did anyone manage to get ntp running with the correct drift file
without access to the rtc? Or is it better to just run ntpdate every hour until
the rtc module is available?

I'm still running 2.6.15-1-nslu2 2.6.15-8 with almost all other packages
downgraded to stable. The device is a home server for me, running @ 266MHz since
I removed R83 yesterday, but unfortunately still w/o RAM upgrade.


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