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Re: How to enable usbfs on NSLU2 running Debian 2.6.15-1-nslu2

On Sunday 14 May 2006 20:45, Kevin Price wrote:
> Hi all!
> By the way: Did anyone manage to get ntp running with the correct drift
> file without access to the rtc? Or is it better to just run ntpdate every
> hour until the rtc module is available?
> I'm still running 2.6.15-1-nslu2 2.6.15-8 with almost all other packages
> downgraded to stable. The device is a home server for me, running @ 266MHz
> since I removed R83 yesterday, but unfortunately still w/o RAM upgrade.
> regards
>   Kevin

ntpd converges if you use a tick adjust of 10100
however I find that on my turboslug, ntpd takes up so much memory that the 
machine becomes almost un-usable. Also at this Time I have not managed to 
make ntpd output a drift-file.
If anyone can recomment a light-weight ntpd I would appreciate this.

-Edward Hull

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