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ARM EABI port: minimum CPU choice

Hi again
  What feelings do people have about the choice we have to make about
the minimum ARM CPU that will be able to run the forhcoming Debain ARM
EABI arch?

As I understand it, the choice is between ARMv4t and ARMv4 (such as StrongARM)
If we target ARMv4t, we save 2 instructions in every function return.

Is a slightly-universally-slower arch that includes StrongARM CPUs
preferable to a slightly faster one that leaves them running the
current Debian arm arch?

I gather the point is moot at the moment, since only ARMv5t is usable
with EABI at present for some GCC issue about thumb support being
incomplete for ARMv4 in GCC4 (this is hearsay - anyone have better


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