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Re: Arm Buildds and developer machines


Yours seems the best offer for the LE machine so please set it up, and tell
this list when it's installed. Any idea when this could happen?

Well, this week is a tough one to get any work done in the USA.  :)

Does some time the week of January 2nd work?

Debian machines are traditionally named after composers, but any unique name
will do. (Check against this list: http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi to
avoid duplicates).

I'm not aware of a spec for what software should be on dev-accessible
machines, but chroots for stable, testing and unstable would presumably be

The board will boot to stable; chroots will be created as needed. It will sit a short distance from an OC3 line, and a not so far distance from the indiana.edu mirror so bandwidth (both supply and demand) won't be a problem.

I'll also install distcc and cross-compilers on the PIII-550 SMP machine right next to it. That won't be much faster in terms of compilation, but every little bit helps. :)


Bill Gatliff

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