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Re: Arm Buildds and developer machines

+++ Bill Gatliff [05-12-13 12:17 -0600]:
> Wookey:
> Wookey wrote:
> >Hi people,
> >
> >Executive summary: Help! What, exactly, does the arm port need to do to 
> >make
> >a developer-accessible machine happen?
> > 
> >
> Just to bolster your case, I still stand ready per our discussion a 
> couple of weeks ago to donate a machine to be installed at my co-lo 
> facility.  It will be available 24/7 indefinitely.  My preference would 
> be for the machine to become part of the Debian LDAP structure, but I'm 
> willing to commit the resources for non-DD developers too if that's the 
> way things turn out.
> What I'm not willing to do is commit the machine and have it sit idle.  :)

OK Bill, thaks very much for that. 

We have just discussed this on IRC and decided that, in the absence of any
speciifc request from DSA in this thread, we should make sure we have some
hardware that is up, installed on a reasonable connection, and OK to have
logins from 900-odd DDs. Then we can point Debian-admin at it and say 'there
- please make it official'. In the meantime it remains accessible to anyone
who asks for an account, so it will definately be used.

Yours seems the best offer for the LE machine so please set it up, and tell
this list when it's installed. Any idea when this could happen?

Debian machines are traditionally named after composers, but any unique name
will do. (Check against this list: http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi to
avoid duplicates).

I'm not aware of a spec for what software should be on dev-accessible
machines, but chroots for stable, testing and unstable would presumably be

Please speak now (debian-admin) if this plan does not seem like the way
forward. A bit of reassurance that we are on the right, properly
communicated, track would be appreciated.

We expect to also set up a BE machine on the same basis, probably provided
by giantsshoulder.com, but that remains to be confirmed right now.

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