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Re: europa && elara - up and healthy

+++ Woody Suwalski [05-11-03 10:35 -0500]:
> Howdy guys,
> I have a feeling that nobody has been using Elara and Europa since April.

I think you are right. (current buildds listed here:
http://buildd.debian.org/~jeroen/status/architecture.php?a=arm )

> Any idea who nowadays is in charge of ARM builds / machines / accounts?

So far as I know only James Troup can change which machines are buildds or
developer accessible test machines. 

> Are these machines still needed then?

The arm port badly needs a developer-accessible machine for people to use
when they get arm-specific bugs. Does the hosting for your machines allow
them to be used for this purpose (it has been suggested that this may not be
permitted)? This would mean that all Debian developers with a key in the
keyring had access to the box(es). If this is a problem then Steve McIntyre
has offered to host and admin the machines for this purpose.

All the buildds are now cats machines. Debian is trying to concentrate on
smaller numbers of faster machines for building, so I don't think these
boxes are needed as buildds any longer, and re-purposing them as developer
test machines would be ideal, but only James can say for certain.

> Please let me know how things are these days...


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